The Swiss brand Tissot was born from the project of Charles-Félicien and his son Charles-Émile in 1853, currently being one of the brands with the largest Swiss watchmaking tradition.

Tissot is a luxury watchmaking brand that, together with brands such as Longines, Omega, Certina or Hamilton, belongs to the Swatch Group.

In 1907 Tissot watches set up their manufacturing in LeLocle with machinery to manufacture their collections of Tissot watches in series, especially Tissot ladies watches, gold or platinum watches adorned with diamonds and precious stones that delighted the Russian court.

This circumstance plus the possibility of manufacturing their own machinery made that Tissot watches could be acquired at very affordable prices and with excellent quality, qualities that both men's and women's Tissot watches currently retain.

In 1933, Paul Tissot launched an innovative commercial program: the Tissot Plan. This was based on Tissot's chosen models, systematic advertising campaigns aimed at a specific audience and the free distribution of a catalog to retailers.

Nicol´s Jewelry has been committed to the Tissot brand for decades, sure to offer a magnificent watch to its customers and with a unique price-quality relationship, be it a Classic or sports Tissot watch.

Tissot watches are currently based on 6 collections:

Tissot Touch watches touch control watches in its area.

Tissot T-Classic Watches: Classic and elegant ladies and gentlemen's watches.

Tissot Heritage Watches: Based on the great classics of the brand.

Tissot T-Sport Watches: Spectacular automatic sports watches or quartz, which meet all the qualities for any sport.

T-Gold Watches: As in its origins, the brand puts special interest in its gold Tissot watches, a symbol of elegance and know-how of the brand.

T-Pocket Watches: Tissot pocket watches, being one of the few brands that remains true to its origins.

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