If you are looking for a unique and personalized jewel, at Nicols we will help you design the perfect jewel or the ideal ring.

Jewelry Made with Love in Madrid or Miami

Each of our jewels is the result of a careful and meticulous creation process, from the sketch design to the setting of the precious stones. At Nicols, we are proud to cover the entire jewelery production chain to guarantee the quality of the final product. In addition, the artisanal process we use allows us to actively contribute to the conservation of the art of jewelery in Madrid.

Precious Stones from the Mine to the Heart

We use excellent quality gems and precious stones, carefully chosen. We are diamond distributors and our team of experts, led by Daniel Nicolás, travel the world looking for the most beautiful stones to offer our clients at the best price.

Traditional and 3D jewelry design

Our collections are inspired by animal and plant nature, modern architecture, fashion trends, artistic currents from other times such as the Baroque and Art Nouveau, and fashion icons from the present and the past.

The sketch is reproduced by computer and, as a novelty, we have incorporated 3D technology, which helps the client to make the necessary changes before the part is manufactured.

Handmade jewelry in Spain and US

Each Nicols jewel is unique and, for its manufacture, we use the manual shaping of the metal, the artisan technique with which jewelery items have traditionally been made since ancient times. Shaping encompasses a set of techniques and operations such as casting, drawing, rolling, forming, machining and welding, among others.

Setting of Precious Stones

Gem setting is one of the most important phases of our jewelry creation process. Currently, there are two methods of setting: the traditional setting that consists of fitting, adjusting and holding the precious stones that we want to be attached to the jewel.

At Nicols, we pride ourselves on offering our clients absolute flexibility and a high degree of expertise in the jewelery industry.

Delivery and Adaptation of the Jewel

In order for a piece of jewelery to be worn every day or at least as many times as possible, it must be liked and adapted to the physiognomy of the person. For this reason, and since for Nicols success is that the jewel shines and embellishes the person, our expert advisers will check on delivery if the measurements are perfect or they will proceed to adapt the jewel to the ideal size.

You can also visit our boutiques to discover our wide selection of handmade jewellery, design one with us or personalize it.