A Gemological Jewelry Adventure Starring Dani Nicols

A Gemological Adventure in Jewelry Starring Dani Nicols Dive into the thrilling documentary series "Treasures of the Earth," where the brave Dani Nicols uncovers the most stunning and rare gemstones in remote locations around the world. This captivating series, directed by the talented Alfonso O'Donnell, a Goya Award nominee, takes you on a journey with Daniel Nicols and Colomba Patti through the depths of Cambodia, Colombia, and Sri Lanka on an epic quest that redefines adventure.

Heritage and passion unite in the documentary series "Treasures of the Earth". Representing the distinguished Madrid family of artisan jewelers 'Los Nicols', Dani Nicols breaks the mold and embarks on the exploration of exotic mines to unearth treasures like blue zircon, vibrant emeralds, and pure sapphires. Each gemstone is a promise transformed into a sublime piece of jewelry in the Nicols artisan workshop in Madrid.

Exclusivity on YouTube: Enjoy all three seasons and nine episodes of "Treasures of the Earth" exclusively on Daniel Nicols' YouTube channel. Anytime, anywhere, these adventures await you.

Daniel and Colomba not only reveal the hidden beauty of the Earth but also invite you to experience the alchemy that turns a rough stone into a dazzling jewel. "Treasures of the Earth" is more than just a documentary series; it is a testament to how nature and humans are intimately connected.

Nicols jewelry, the cornerstone of this odyssey, is the beating heart of over a hundred years of history, exceptional craftsmanship, and uncompromised quality. This series will make you witness the fusion between artisan tradition and the innovation that characterizes every Nicols jewel.

A Dream Team: Alfonso O'Donnell, along with Colomba Patti and the rest of the creative team, including scriptwriters Dani Nicols and Lourdes González, composer Iván Miguélez, and adventure cinematographer Jesús Solla, make "Treasures of the Earth" a gem in itself.

With the support of Nicols Jewelry and the Spanish Gemological Institute (IGE), "Treasures of the Earth" is more than a documentary series: it's a unique experience you can't miss.

First Season - Treasures of the Earth

The first season of "Treasures of the Earth" begins with a bold plunge into the ancient lands of Cambodia, where Daniel Nicols, the intrepid jeweler from the prestigious 'Los Nicols' family in Madrid, sets out on the hunt for blue zircon, the oldest known crystal to humanity.

Zircón Episode 1

Zircón Episode 2

Zircón Episodio 3