Discover the essence of art, dedication, and unmatched talent in "Nicols: The Difference - The Best Jeweler". A documentary paying tribute to Vicente Nicolás, the revered master jeweler affectionately known as "Señor Nicols", on his remarkable 80th anniversary. This film debut, on such a special occasion, offers a glimpse into the soul of a true craftsman and the Nicols brand that has defined jewelry excellence for decades.

The Documentary - The Finest Artisan Jeweler

Filmed over the course of a year, "Nicols: The Difference" unveils an exclusive, behind-the-scenes perspective of the life and legacy of Vicente Nicolás. Directed by Alfonso O'Donnell, acclaimed for his work on "Wind of Tuna" and a Goya Award nominee, the film captures the commitment and meticulousness of an artisan who has devoted his life to the art of fine jewelry. From the depths of the Earth, where precious stones are extracted, to the intricate process of crafting a jewel that adorns hearts, this documentary is a passionate journey through the life of a Spanish jewelry icon.

Captured by the outstanding Chroma Project team and led by Jesús Solla, the film is a visual odyssey tracing Vicente Nicolás' steps from the most hidden corners of global mines to the detailed craftsmanship in Madrid. Each stage of the process is a meticulous selection, ensuring only the finest materials are used, creating pieces of enduring beauty.

Nicols' Premiere, The Difference for the 80th Anniversary of Nicols

The premiere of "Nicols: The Difference" was celebrated at the prestigious VIP Palafox Cinema in Madrid, marking not just Vicente Nicolás' birthday but also his legacy as a master artisan jeweler. The audience included generations of Madrid's artisan jewelers, renowned figures from cinema and television, and the extended family of Nicols Jewelry, a leading firm in the design of engagement rings and wedding bands.

Yet, the celebration doesn't end with the premiere. "Nicols: The Difference" is available for everyone to enjoy on the Dani Nicols YouTube channel and on Dejate TV. The film tells the extraordinary story of Vicente Nicolás Nicols and the legacy of a brand that has transcended in the world of fine jewelry. A tale that takes viewers from the heart of the Earth to the hearts of those who proudly wear a Nicols jewel.

As a salute to the tireless work, virtuosity, and passionate commitment that Nicols has displayed over the years, the documentary offers a heartfelt thank you to all the customers, friends, and family who have been part of this amazing journey. A journey that continues, as Nicols prepares to unveil an exciting new development promising to further enrich the future with exceptional, handmade, and customized jewelry in Spain.

We invite you to be part of this journey: visit our stores, immerse yourself in "Nicols: The Difference - The Finest Artisan Jeweler", and stay tuned for Nicols' next grand revelation. The story continues...