Pearl Bracelet

Pearl Bracelets

The pearl, also known as the gem of sincerity, symbolizes purity, success, happiness and love, so it is used to balance emotions.


Unlike most other gemstones used in jewelry, pearls are not mined from the ground, but instead are created within saltwater oysters and freshwater clams whose shells are coated with mother-of-pearl.


Its formation occurs when a foreign particle, a piece of sand, a shell, or any element enters the mantle of the mollusk, becoming encystic, then before this element the secretory cells of the shell begin to slowly surround it with mother-of-pearl, forming a protective barrier to not to damage the oyster.


The most common pearl color is white, but there are numerous natural shades, including black, green, purple, red, and pink.


Hundreds of years ago, pearls were found by chance in nature in places like the Persian Gulf, the Gulf of Mannar, the South Pacific, Japan, Australia, Europe, and the Pacific coast of Mexico, but today most pearls They are of high quality and are cultivated in the southern seas, in the atolls of Tahiti and in Asia, following the Mikimoto technique.


Pearls have served over the years to make pieces of incredible beauty, beyond the simple and classic white pearl bracelet strung on a thread.


You can enjoy this exceptional gem in numerous collections by Joyeria Nicols.


In the Nicols collection designed for communions we can find gold bracelets with a single cultured or Australian pearl, several pendants or beads set in a gold bracelet, or small Akoya cultured pearl bracelets.


We also have in the NICOLS Classic Pearls Bracelet collection, pearl bracelets in classic confection in which you can find your cultured pearl bracelet, river pearls, Australian pearls or Tahitian pearls that makes the perfect match with the pearl necklace you already own.


The maximum expression that Nicols Jewelry has put into the design of pearl bracelets can be found in the NICOLS Pearls Lady collection, a spectacular collection made up of a gold chain alternated with cultured pearls from 10 to 12 mm. and interspersed with precious gem pendants (amethysts, garnets, topazes ...), a collection that transgresses the cannons of pearl classicism to make it more cosmopolitan, informal and fun.


At Nicols Joyeros we are happy to help you in choosing the piece you are looking for; Whether as a gift or for your own enjoyment, the expert Nicols advisors will make your choice much easier.



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