Red Stone Pendants

Red Stone Pendants

For thousands of years, red stone pendants have been desired for their rarity, but also because they are a symbol of love, passion, power, and vitality, which is why they are one of the most colorful gemstone necklaces. wanted and demanded.

Perfect for everyday wear with short or long chains, Red Stone Pendants are a token of everlasting love and a charm for the wearer.

At Nicols we have been creating red stone pendants in our artisan workshops in Madrid for more than 100 years, which is why we have a large selection of gold pendants with red stones designed by hand to dazzle…

We search for red gemstones on all continents, from Burma where we find the queen of red gemstones, the ruby, to Tanzania, Mozambique or Madagascar where we buy red tourmaline. All of them, symbols of love and power capable of overcoming the passage of time.

What is the most sought after red stone pendant?

The most used red gemstone in our necklaces is ruby, although we can make necklaces with any other stone on request.

Among the red stones, ruby ​​necklaces are the most in demand and recognized for their brilliance, color and light. For this reason, giving a red stone necklace is always a great option to give a gift to a loved one, especially if it is a ruby ​​red necklace.

Are you looking for a gold and red stone pendant to give as a gift?

Perhaps a red ruby ​​pendant for that special someone? Or perhaps give yourself the whim of wearing a coral or red trumaline pendant that you have been dreaming of for a long time?

At Nicols we offer you a 3D jewelry design department. Because we understand that tradition is not at odds with new technologies. Moreover, its use is complemented in such a way that we are capable of projecting any piece of jewelry, so that you can see the result before it is even manufactured. It does not matter where you have seen that gold and red stone pendant that you love so much. In our workshops in Madrid we will make your dream come true.

How is a unique red gemstone pendant born?


Through a carefully studied manufacturing process. At Nicols we always use noble materials such as gold and platinum and precious stones of a high quality price.

Our team of jewelers travels across the five continents in search of the most beautiful red gems or gemstones in the world: the Ruby of Burma, the Ruby of the night, the red tourmaline, the spinel... Red gemstones that fly from the most remote to the heart of our customers.

Next, we proceed to the design of our collections of modern gold pendants that we sketch on paper. Many of these models follow the dictates of fashion, or the artistic currents of other times. Others are representations that evoke animal and vegetable nature.

In any case, there will always be a red pendant for every woman. The next step is the manual shaping of the metal. An artisan technique with which pieces of jewelry have traditionally been made. This is a very laborious process that requires a lot of experience and hours of work. Finally, we proceed to set the precious stones using two methods: traditional setting and micro-setting using special microscopes for the smallest gems.

The result is none other than red precious stone pendants made in Spain in a sustainable manner with the stamp that makes Nicols different from other national and international firms. Trustworthy jewels made by hand and with great care.


Now you can wear that gold pendant for women that you have always wanted. And if you need help in your choice, our team of personal advisors will be delighted to receive you in any of our five stores located in the Madrid capital.

You have highly qualified professional jewelers at your entire disposal and willing to listen to your questions or suggestions. Because making a difference in the jewelry sector means always working with the will to listen to our customers.

This allows us to continue growing as jewelers, while satisfying the needs of those who place their trust in us.

We have for you more than 4,000 products available on our website. We are a benchmark in the national and international jewelry scene.

Blue gemstone pendants capable of evoking feelings of love and friendship that echo in eternity. Unique pieces of handmade jewelry as a symbol of distinction and luxury.

Have you already chosen your red stone pendant?

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Ruby Carnation Pendant 0.60

    Ruby Carnation Pendant 0.60

    Diamonds and Ruby Carnation Necklace 0.60 Reference_ 99930170141 Technical Data_ Ruby and diamond necklace Key 0.60 Pendant with ring formed by a...
    Price €1,580.00
    Ruby pendant OVAL DETAIL

      Ruby pendant OVAL DETAIL

      Ruby and diamond pendant OVAL DETAIL NICOLS. Oval shaped pendant rosette with a ruby ??0.27 carat weight and surrounded by 16 carat diamonds weight...
      Price €770.00
      Ruby PARTRIDGE EYE Pendant

        Ruby PARTRIDGE EYE Pendant

        Gold and Diamond Red Partridge's Eye Pendant. Pendant made with rosette in concentric circumferences called Partridge's Eye. Made of 18kt white...
        Price €1,500.00

          Colgante Oro MINI DETAILS. Colgante en forma de flor alargada fabricado en oro blanco, con diamantes de 0.40Ct de peso total y y rubís con un peso...
          Price €980.00
          Pendant Red Jade Gold and Diamonds SERENITY

            Pendant Red Jade Gold and...

            SERENITY Red Jade, Gold and Diamonds Necklace. Pendant with natural red jade teardrop 26x16 long and yellow gold chain included. Made of 18kt...
            Price €1,875.00
            Ruby and Diamond DALIA Pendant

              Ruby and Diamond DALIA Pendant

              Ruby and Diamond DALIA Pendant. Pendant made of 18Kt white gold. It bears an oval rosette with a central 0.53Ct ruby. and a border of brilliant cut...
              Price €1,790.00
              Ruby Gold MINI DETAILS Pendant

                Ruby Gold MINI DETAILS Pendant

                Ruby Gold MINI DETAILS Pendant. Small flower shaped pendant made of white gold, with 0.01ct diamond and rubies with a total weight of 0.20ct. It...
                Price €630.00
                Ruby MINI DETAILS pendant

                  Ruby MINI DETAILS pendant

                  Ruby MINI DETAILS pendant. Round flower-shaped pendant made of white gold, with 6 diamonds of 0.027ct and and Rubies with a total weight of 0.75ct....
                  Price €650.00
                  Ruby Necklace JACKIE 0.20ct 0.50ct Solitaire White Gold

                    Ruby Necklace JACKIE 0.20ct...

                    If you are looking for a solitaire ruby necklace in Madrid with movement, simple and modern, the Jackie round brilliant cut ruby necklaces are...
                    From €750.00
                    Price €750.00