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To talk about ORIS watches is to talk about the commitment to mechanical watchmaking linked to excellent value for money and innumerable patents in its evolution over time.

The ORIS brand was created in 1904 by Paul Cattin and Georges Christian in the city of Hölstein.

His good work of manufactured watches means that in 1925 the ORIS brand has 5 additional factories in Switzerland, one of which is 100% dedicated to the manufacture of watches.

Like all watchmaking brands, it had its ups and downs, and in ORIS, when it was noticed more, it was in the 40s with World War II, but then they dedicated themselves to making alarm clocks that make the 8-day clock ORIS power reserve, the most famous in Switzerland.

The love of the ORIS brand for watchmaking is reflected in each of its mechanical watches with its red rotor as a symbol of the brand and its high watchmaking details, its elegant lines in the ORIS watches for women or men of the Classic series and The robustness of its ORIS sports watches shows us that each ORIS series and each ORIS watch is designed to satisfy its user.

In the contemporary history of the ORIS brand, the year 2014 was a turning point that featured the caliber 110 manufactured entirely by ORIS, a circumstance that had not occurred for 35 years.

The current ORIS collection is divided into:

Big Crown ProPilot64, Aquis Divers87, ProDiver3, Audi Sport1, Artelier46, Artix0, Artix GT1 and Classic7.

Jewelry Nicols invites you to delve into the ORIS series and find your ideal watch, if you need more information about ORIS or if you need help finding your ORIS watch, contact us, the Nicols Boutiques consultants will be happy to help you.

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