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Junghans was created in 1861 by Edgar Junghans and his brother-in-law Jakob Zeller-Tobler in Schamberg, and although in principle it only manufactured components for machines, Junghans came to manufacture more than 3 million watches at the end of the 19th century.

To accommodate this volume of production, Junghans built one of the most representative buildings of Swiss watchmaking in 1918, the Terrasenbau building.

In 1955 Junghans was elected official supplier of the recently created army of the Federal Republic of Germany with the legendary dodecagonal pilot watch (Type BW111), recently reissued as one of the most demanded Junghans models.

In 1957 he presented the first automatic watch caliber, the J83, this caliber variant is still today one of the most beautiful watch mechanisms manufactured in Germany.

In 1961, he presented his famous Junghans Max Bill wristwatch, a watch that seeks to reduce the essentials, with clean spheres and clearly shows the figures, design lines that the Junghans Max Bill collection watches are currently following.

Junghans watches are currently divided into 3 collections:

JUNGHANS MEISTER COLLECTION: the Junghans Meister men's watch collection is a tribute to the design and technical achievements of the 50s and 60s.

JUNGHANS MAXBILL COLLECTION: Faithful to the initial concept that the multi-faceted architect Max Bill in the 60s.

JUNGHANS FORM COLLECTION: a special watch for any occasion, with three-dimensional dial, ergonomic design case and a style that never goes out of style

It should be noted that one of the most accurate clock machines in the world is the Junghans Mega radio controlled machine, which Junghans includes in all its collections.

Junghans Watches is one of the German brands that Nicols (Official Junghans Dealer) jewelry trusts and recommends to its customers.

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