CERTINA: The watch designed for sports.

Certina watches are famous for their precision, reliability and sportiness.

Certina watches were formed in 1888 by the brothers Adolf and Alfred Kurth, who established their watch business in the Swiss city of Grenchen, located at the foot of the Jura mountains.

The Certina brand manufactured an extremely shock-resistant automatic watch that was water resistant to 200 meters as early as 1959, the DS (Double Security) series was born. This was in line with the future logo of a turtle company, hard and waterproof. In 1960, the Certina DS model was used in an expedition to the Himalayas to withstand pressure changes and extreme cold without fail. From the highest mountain range, Certina was used by researchers from the US Navy Sealab II. UU.
Currently, the Certina brand offers us a wide variety of men's watches and sports ladies watches with incredible quality since, belonging to the Swatch Group Multinational watchmaker, it benefits from the R&D of the big brands of the group such as Omega , Blancpain or Breguet for the development of their machinery, shared with Tissot and Hamilton.

All Certina collections are based on DS technology, with a minimum water resistance of 100m. It is worth noting in the Certina collection the inclusion of its automatic machinery with 80 hours of power reserve present in almost all Certina series.

Certina DS Action, DS Podium, DS Caimano, DS-2, DS-1 and DS-4 are the models that the Certina brand offers us to choose our favorite men's watch or ladies watch.

Joyeria Nicol´s (official dealer Certina) invites you to know the brand on our website, and personally inform you of any model you like in our contact number.

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