Initial Gold Diamond Letters

Initial Letters with Diamonds

It is the fashionable line of carrying the Initial letters with Diamonds. Nicols basic jewels where elegance is marked by the small details in which the perceived value has an excellent value for money. Jewels that are of the highest quality but whose prices are considered as cheap, so the letter collection with Diamonds Nicols has become a collection of jewelry accessible to all audiences.

The initial letters with diamonds of Nicols are earrings, pendants and necklaces handmade with an unbeatable price that you can put in your day to day, and combine as you want at irresistible prices without losing an iota of the quality that characterizes the handmade jewels manufactured by nicols. .

This new concept leaves the great jewels behind and gives way to much more urban, easy-to-wear and very versatile cheap jewels, wardrobe jewels designed for active women, fashionistas and the taste for small things.

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