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Every day it is more fashionable to adorn your body in a personal way, offering others your best version, dressing and showing more and more personal accessories.

Currently we observe important and influential people wearing various earring piercings in ears, lips or nose, with different styles and materials, little by little the culture of pearcing has spread, being today one of the great trends of fashion and culture to international level.

In Joyeria Nicols we have created our own collection of gold ear piercings, a modern but elegant collection, manufactured in 18 Ktes and accompanied with brilliants, transmitting to our jewels contemporary to the ancient art of jewelery.

Our collection of gold and diamond piercings is equipped with a special closure system so that the comfort of your daily use is the best and your Piercing Nicols becomes part of you, and whether you are a man or woman your Nicols piercing will accompany you wherever you want.

Gold and diamonds are one of the most important antiallergic materials that exists today, for this reason our Nicols team of designers and master jewelers have discarded any other material in the manufacture of the Nicols ear piercing collection.

You can choose your Nicols piercings in white gold or yellow gold, with Brilliant or without them and wear them elegantly in the area of ​​your body that you choose.

It is a good time to make a different gift, surprise by giving a piercing Nicols to that special person that you want to take something from you, that knows that you are always close to him, giving a really beautiful and unique reason to your gift.

The entire team of Nicols advisors will be happy to help you in choosing your piercing, contact us.

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