Arras Wedding Coins

Arras Wedding Coins

Matrimonial Wedding Coins Crafted by Nicols Jewelers Madrid since 1917

Since time immemorial, arras wedding coins have played a pivotal role in the matrimonial ceremony, serving as a symbol of prosperity, unity, and mutual commitment between spouses. The tradition of the wedding coins, which involves the exchange of 13 coins, has deep roots in history and culture, evolving over the centuries from its origins in ancient Roman and Spanish customs to become an essential element in modern weddings, especially within the Catholic faith.

History and Symbolism of Wedding or Matrimonial Coins Arras

Wedding coins, also known as conjugal coins, symbolize the sharing of material and spiritual goods between spouses. The 13 coins represent Jesus Christ and the 12 apostles, reflecting not only faith and spirituality but also the promise to provide and care for one another. Traditionally, they are given after the exchange of vows, marking the couple's commitment to build a future together, full of prosperity and happiness.

A Leader in Arras Wedding Coins Across Europe

At Nicols Jewelers, we understand the importance of this matrimonial symbol. Therefore, we have positioned ourselves as the leading jeweler in the manufacturing of wedding coins, not only in Spain but across Europe, renowned for our excellence and dedication in each piece. Our 18kt gold and silver coins are not just jewelry; they are heirlooms passed down from generation to generation, encapsulating the essence of the union and everlasting love.

Nicols’ Craftsmanship: Wedding Coins with a Touch of English Elegance or Spanish Artisanal Flair

- **Quality and Artisanal Precision**: Each set of Nicols artisanal coins is crafted with the highest quality and artisanal precision, ensuring that every detail reflects the importance of your special day.

- **Best Value for Money**: At Nicols, we offer the best value for money on the market, ensuring that you find the perfect coins that fit your budget without compromising on excellence.

- **Customization and Variety**: We boast a wide variety of designs, from the most classic to the most modern, from English style to Spanish flair, all customizable so you can find the coins that best represent your union.

- **Global Commitment**: We make insured shipments to every corner of Europe and the world, ensuring that no matter where you celebrate your love, your wedding coins will arrive with the guarantee and trust that only Nicols can provide.

 Where to Buy Arras Wedding Coins in Europe

We invite you to discover the wedding coin collection that Nicols has to offer. Visit our stores in Madrid or explore our selection online to find the perfect coins that symbolize your love and commitment. At Nicols, we are dedicated to being part of your love story, offering you not just a jewel but a treasure that you will cherish forever.

With Nicols, celebrate your union with elegance and tradition.

Contact us or purchase your wedding coins through our website and take the first step towards a future filled with love and prosperity.

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