Men's jewelry is in fashion, and the men's bracelet is undoubtedly one of the most used and most continuous male accessories throughout history on the wrist of men.


The first vestiges of its use take us back to prehistory, where men wore bracelets made with bones, shells and animal hair that they hunted as a symbol of strength.


The Egyptians used the bracelets to secure their future and ward off evil spirits, the Greek soldiers wore leather or metal bracelets to protect themselves in battle, and Roman soldiers to protect their wrists from the swords of their adversaries.


There has always been a reason to use them, as early as the 20th century, and as a nod to the identification badges that the US military wore on their bracelets and chains, the bracelet that became fashionable was the identification badge bracelet, whether it was a bracelet gold or a rare silver bracelet was the man who did not wear this type of bracelet from the 50s.


Today the men's bracelet is in fashion, in the strict sense of the word. Although they are sometimes given symbols referring to some association or cause, their use is for the personal pleasure of the wearer, and the materials used in their manufacture are numerous.


The design team at Joyeria Nicols has taken this magnificent story into account to manufacture their collections of men's bracelets. Gold or silver bracelets, bracelets with diamonds or hair (with the technique learned from African tribes) ... all of them handmade in Madrid in our artisan workshop on Calle Serrano.


More and more men are wearing multiple bracelets on their wrists, as we have been able to observe politicians, actors, celebrities and great personalities from the world of finance at major events, our great clients wear our bracelets on their daily lives well alone or accompanied, being the Nicols collection of black diamonds one of the most special and valued.


Personalized bracelets in gold alone or accompanied by diamonds, are another great attraction for our clients, made to the preferences they want advised by our professional experts and created by master jewelers at the Nicols artisan workshops in Madrid.


Consult the wide assortment of Nicols men's bracelets at www.nicol.es or if you prefer, make an appointment at any of our Boutique Nicols Madrid to expand this offer or design your bracelet together, our professional jewelers will be happy to help you choose your bracelet perfect.

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