Meistersinger is a German watchmaking brand founded by Manfred Brassler, exceptional high quality watches available to all lovers and experts in watchmaking.

Meistersinger elaborates very studied watches, well made and with the idea of ​​a mono-needle watch and in a different way of perceiving and measuring time. MeisterSinger takes time for the essentials.

"Rituals of Time" is the emblem of meisterzinger and its watchmaking - Perfection needs time, only then can the good be improved. The rituals do not know of rush. From that they achieve moments of indeterminate duration. No hurry, no minutes, no seconds. Only the time that leads us to perfection.

Among the collections of Meistersinger watches include:

Mesitersinger Classic
Meistersinger Circularis
Meistersinger NEO
Meistersinger Pangea
Meistersinger Phanero
Meistersinger Salthora
Meistersinger Urban
Meistersinger City Edition

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It was the year 2001 when the Bavarian Manfred Brassler arrived in Münster to sell his business and it was there where he decided to set up his new watchmaking company: Meistersinger (master singer in his literal translation)

With the vision of making a simple, balanced and distinct clock, in love with the ancient watchmaking and the sundials, he developed his watchman of time.

Meistersinger watches have a main feature that makes them different from contemporary watches, only has a long, needle-shaped handle, in textual words "Watches a single, long, needle-like hand", like sundials that, in the beginning of watchmaking, served to measure time.

This long and pointed needle and the hierarchy of its 144 lines, to delimit time, served to create its first clock.

17 years have passed since its creation and, in such a short space of time, the Meistersinger watches have positioned themselves frankly well, with an unmistakable style and assembling only mechanical machines, having received multiple awards and mentions in this period, which has made them have international recognition as a German watchmaking brand. In these years he has assembled Swiss mechanical machineries, whether Selitas, Unitas or ETA, and the Japanese miyota in his Urban model of first price, but in the last years he has developed his own machineries: * Manual lift MSH01 with 5 days of power reserve. * Automatic loading MSA01 * Manual lift MSH02 with charge reserve indication

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