Meistersinger Circularis

Nicols is the official retailer of Meistersinger Classic in Spain. 

C I R C U L A R I S 
4250814309707 CC303  Circularis hand-wound marfil
4250814310369 CC327G  Circularis hand-wound gris medium
4250814309721 CC308  Circularis hand-wound azul
4250814309745 CC903  Circularis automatic marfil
4250814309752 CC907  Circularis automatic antracita
4250814309769 CC908  Circularis automatic azul
4250814310185 CC927G  Circularis automatic gris medium
4250814310192 CC927GLG   Circularis automatic gris medium - bisel oro
4250814310208 CCP301  Circularis power reserve opalina- plata
4250814310215 CCP302  Circularis power reserve negra
4250814310222 CCP303  Circularis power reserve marfil
4250814310239 CCP317G  Circularis power reserve azul acero
4250814310246 CCP317GLG  Circularis power reserve azul acero
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