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The Japanese watch firm Grand Seiko was born in 1960 and should be the "ideal" watch, with standards of precision, durability and beauty that will lead the world of watchmaking.

Even belonging to the Seiko group, Grand Seiko is a different watch brand, with a manufacturing and distribution totally different from the Seiko watch, Nicol´s Jewelry has the pleasure of being the only Grand Seiko Official Dealer in Madrid, fruit of good work and good We treat all brands we distribute.

In these more than 50 years the Grand Seiko brand has had a constant evolution always looking for the maximum precision and beauty possible of its wristwatches, that's why its symbol is a lion, which symbolizes The King of Watches, number 1 of the watchmaking

Since 1967 all Grand seiko models comply with the nine enduring elements of the Grand Seiko 44GS design.

1.-Index of 12 in double width.

2.-Multifaceted rectangular indexes.

3.-High gloss polished bezel.

4.-High gloss polished planes and two-dimensional surface.

5.-Crown half concave.

6.-Fully flat sphere

7.-Multi-faceted hour and minute hands.

8.-Curved lateral line.

9.-Rear wall of the bevel and side of the box inclined.

As for the machinery that Grand Seiko watches offers us today, it offers us Grand Seiko quartz watches, mechanical and automatic Grand Seiko watches, and its patented and exclusive Grand Seiko Spring Drive machinery.

The Grand Seiko Spring Drive watch is a traditional automatic watch with a self-charged quartz frequency regulator once per rotor of its automatic machinery, being an antimagnetic clock of continuous movement, since it lacks the traditional exhaust that has been replaced by a braking system electromagnetic wheels.

The accuracy of the Spring Drive is unrivaled, the maximum variation being 10sec / year maximum.

We encourage you to discover all the models, features and prices of Grand Seiko watches on our website and ask us any questions you need.

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