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The Eterna watch brand was founded in 1856 located in Grenchen (Switzerland). Pioneer in production processes and practical solutions for its watches that adopted most of the Swiss brands, such as the invention of the 5 bearings that facilitate the oscillating mass of automatic watches to load, and current symbol of ETERNA or be the first brand in commercializing wrist watches with alarm function. Eterna watches have always been considered true works of art where the precision, design and quality of their movements are the center of attention.

The Eterna brand has been and is one of the most important machinery manufacturing brands in Switzerland, in fact the ETA.SA brand has its origin in Eterna.

ETERNA's current collections reflect the brand's respect for tradition, along with Eterna's commitment to be pioneers in new designs and movement technologies.

Both the collection of Mrs. Eterna watches and Eterna men's watches follow this respect for tradition and offer their sports watches or classic watches in various sizes.

The current Eterna watch collection is divided into 3 main series:
Eterna Kontiki Collection, a collection dedicated to Thor Heyerdahl, Zoologist and geographer who set out to cross the Indian in 1936 in a wooden raft to which he put this name, an adventure he almost gets. The Eterna Kontiki collection is designed to withstand the most extreme conditions that any adventurer or athlete can suggest.

Eterna Eternity Collection watches of studied and delicate lines to enhance the elegance and good work of the brand

Eterna Heritage Collection Eterna's commitment to Swiss tradition.

In Nicols jewelry (official Eterna dealer) we have a wide assortment of Eterna watches where you can find the desired watch.

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