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Inventor of the modern chronograph watch and official provider of world aviation.

It was the year 1884 when Leon Breitling set up his first Breitling watch workshop in Saint-Imier, being clear from the beginning that he would dedicate himself to professional timers, obtaining his first Breitling patent for a single-button chronograph quickly.
Its meters were so successful that soon, in 1892, he moved to La Chaux-de-Fonds to expand his business.
There are many patents that Breitling has to his credit, but one of the most unknown, and that in the height of motoring was a real revolution, was the patent in 1905 of his timer Vitesse, a simple model with tachymeter capable of measuring speeds of 15 to 150 km / h. thus the drivers could calculate their speed ... but also the police, which soon appeared in Switzerland the first speed fines.
The evolution of Breitling watches has been constant, being one of the Swiss brands that has invested more in perfecting and specializing in technical watches, made for specific purposes, such as its iconic Breitling Navitimer wristwatch, the spectacular Breitling Superocean diving watch or Breitling Emergency, the first watch with a rescue beacon.
The current Breitling watch collection is COSC certified on all models and is designed so that each buyer can choose their ideal size, be it a men's or women's Breitling watch, and their preferred characteristics for use, from their classic and elegant Breitling Premier line to the all-powerful Breitling SuperAvenger collection.
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