Breitling Premier


Around 1943 Breitling presented its collection of Breitliing Premier watches.

The forties were the awakening of elegance and glamor, all for filling moments of happiness in the difficult moments that were full of armed conflicts. It was the splendor of great scientists like Einstein and Fleming, where the cinema showed us the best and worst of the decade with actors like Ingrid Bergman, Bogart or Gary Cooper and the night rhythm was animated by artists like Sinatra, Amstrong, Edith Piaf or Maurice Chevalier.

Breitling Premier watches put aside their fame of their chronographs military watch, to focus more on giving superior quality, elegance and meticulous details, to reach the upper and refined class that dominated the social circles that had monetary capacity to give themselves Whims, that's why I call it Breitling Premier, a French term that means "First," the first one made for civil use.

The Swiss watchmaking brand Breitling is once again returning to the Premier collection as a symbol of choice and good work, and presents us with a large collection in steel or gold, in measures of 40 and 42mm. With very fine finishes.

From the Breitling Premier B01 Chronograph 42 to the Breitling Premier Automatic 40, they give you a special feeling when you put it on your wrist that gives you the well-being of having found the perfect Bretling men's watch.

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