Breitling Colt


"God created men; Samuel Colt made them equal," is the phrase coined in each revolver colt and popularized by Samuel Colt himself.

From this famous Breitling weapon he took the name for his new collection given the warlike character he had to give to the Breitling watch, commissioned by the armed forces in the 80's, the army needed an efficient and functional watch to carry in military operations and That did not have a great cost.

For this, Breitling manufactured the Colt Military model, a robust, aquatic case watch, with four tabs on its bezel (the famous cavaliers of the brand), which allowed it to be easily operated while protecting the glass, and bracelet metal.

Already in the 1990s, the Breitling Colt was considered a popular watch, which enchanted with its bold design and its reasonable price.

Currently the Breitling Colt collection remains a fantastic watch in the first price line of the brand that continues to retain its military design, its excellent quality and a fantastic price, which makes any Breitling Colt watch a great choice for the start of Any collection of watches.

You can choose within the Colt watches between quartz or automatic, chronograph or three hands, in addition to multiple measurement options.

Today the most demanded Breitling Colt watch in the collection is the Breitling Chronomat Colt Automatic 44 of ref. A173881 or its variant in 41mm. reference A173131, with several dial and strap color options.

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