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The buttonhole is a symbol of distinction and good work in the world of haute couture. One buttonhole, just one buttonhole on the left lapel of my jacket, why? What is the origin?

In Nicols jewelry we will give you the three versions that convince the experts and us:

The first has a real origin, since D. Alberto de Saxony, consort of Queen Victoria I of England, ordered to make an eyelet on the left lapel of his jacket to always wear a rose like the one his fiancée gave him. Since then, the other tailors of the time made it fashionable and, little by little, the flowers were put aside and all kinds of badges began to be used with the family shield so that the gentlemen could distinguish themselves.


The second story of the origin of the buttonhole is more practical and simple: it is said that this elongated opening was created, also in the United Kingdom, to be able to close the jacket with a concealed button on the inside of the right flap, when the cold was getting worse.

The third is, perhaps, the least credible since it justifies its origin in the subjection of the hat or hat of the gentlemen, on windy days. According to this version, a tape finished in a button was introduced into the hole, to avoid the loss of the head cover.

Currently, the buttonhole is a symbol of distinction and good work in the world of haute couture. A buttonhole perfectly topped and adorned with a lapel pin or badge denotes elegance and personality.


Men's jewelry is in fashion, more and more men are encouraged to use them for important international events, such as the Oscar Gala, Golden Globes or the important catwalks in Milan.

In Nicols Jewelry we continue to innovate in the art of manufacturing pins, brooches and lapel badges, gold, with diamonds, enamel finishes or precious stones; pins with which it will be easy to identify.


If you want a personalized emblem, our master jewelers will be happy to make you that special piece you want or to help you find the best option for you. Do not hesitate to contact us, through our website, or visit us at the Nicols Boutique of your choice.


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