Cufflinks for Men

The men's jewelry twins have their origins in the 18th century, and were an important part of the history of men's clothing.

Until that date the sleeves of men's shirts and shirts were fastened with ribbons or ropes, rarely adorned.

The men at the beginning of the 18th century decided that they wanted something more fashion and elegance, and abandon these uncomfortable rigging, so they began to weld small buttons of two pieces of silver or gold attached to a thin chain, and thus the first Men's jewelry known today as cufflinks.

 The art of jewelry has been constantly evolving and Nicols Jewelry has always had a wide collection of men's cufflinks, made in our workshops and designed by our creation team.

In the current Nicols men's twin collection you can find gold cufflinks alone or with the finest stones, as well as silver cufflinks or cufflinks with diamonds. You can also order your personalized twins or order your guild twins or corporate twins, in the Nicols Jewelry workshops we make your twins by hand giving it an exclusive and unique value.

The gold and precious stones twins are the perfect gift to commemorate the most beautiful moments of people's lives, therefore the groom or wedding twins and especially the personalized twins for any type of occasion, anniversary, wedding, graduation ...  They have become the jewel of a perfect man to pass from parents to children, from generation to generation.

Visit our website or contact us, the Nicols advisory team will be happy to help you find your perfect twins.

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